Changes to come.

I’ve decided to widen my blogging horizons.

The original intent of this blog was to become an outlet for design ideas and critiques of projects within my hometown of Kokomo, Indiana and some select projects in neighboring towns. As I’ve come to realize, I’d like to write about much more than just development specific to one city and have decided to redefine my blogging persona.

I will be changing this blog’s url sometime in the near future and will attempt to tackle a wider variety of topics. From at home DIY projects that I’ve been working on, events that I attend, quality of life issues, and of course my critique on the urban environment and new development projects. Essentially, I want to break through much of the blogger’s block that I’ve been experiencing with Kokomotive.

This isn’t an end to Kokomo-related blog entries. I don’t intend to turn my back on the origins of this blog, but to expand into new topics and locations. I’m still brainstorming on topic ideas for blogging, so tweet at me (@ross_pierce) or comment below on what areas that you think I should cover and I’ll try and think of my own personal take on that subject.


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