Kokomo High School: Walter Cross Field Perimeter Improvements

As I was driving around town doing a survey of sorts, I wandered over by Kokomo High School and saw some really promising new construction around Walter Cross Field (football/track & field venue). Over the past couple years, the school built a new concession stand and locker room building as well as what I’m assuming is a utility building near the north side of the grandstand. This year, they recolored the new concession and locker room building to match the general color scheme of the school (yellow brick).

New facade color for the Concession/Locker room Building and new entrance building (Ross Pierce 7/5/12)

As you can see in the pictures, the new improvements are more of a two-tone tan color, but definitely blends well with the yellow brick of the school. It looks from the images and the construction at this stage, that the school will be adding parking (justifiably needed if you’ve ever been to a football game there) along Berkley Road, and reorienting the main entrance of the field to the corner of the school drive and Berkley. It also looks as though by the many stone pillars, that the school is forking out some cash on the perimeter fencing.

New Entrance area near the school drive and Berkley Road. (Ross Pierce 7/5/12)

I am confident that the new improvements will definitely give Walter Cross Field a much needed update and will be something the school and community can be proud of for many years to come. I’ll either update or create a follow up picture post once construction moves along further.

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