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Changes to come.

I’ve decided to widen my blogging horizons.

The original intent of this blog was to become an outlet for design ideas and critiques of projects within my hometown of Kokomo, Indiana and some select projects in neighboring towns. As I’ve come to realize, I’d like to write about much more than just development specific to one city and have decided to redefine my blogging persona.

I will be changing this blog’s url sometime in the near future and will attempt to tackle a wider variety of topics. From at home DIY projects that I’ve been working on, events that I attend, quality of life issues, and of course my critique on the urban environment and new development projects. Essentially, I want to break through much of the blogger’s block that I’ve been experiencing with Kokomotive.

This isn’t an end to Kokomo-related blog entries. I don’t intend to turn my back on the origins of this blog, but to expand into new topics and locations. I’m still brainstorming on topic ideas for blogging, so tweet at me (@ross_pierce) or comment below on what areas that you think I should cover and I’ll try and think of my own personal take on that subject.


Say No to S.O.P.A. and P.I.P.A.

I’ve always believed that we should live without censorship. I Strongly oppose of both the “Stop Online Piracy Act” and the “Protect IP Act”

How SOPA could affect you

SOPA, PIPA What you need to know

Make the Call – Stop the Wall

Greg Goodnight’s positive effect on the City of Kokomo

Kokomo’s Mayor, Greg Goodnight, is up for reelection tomorrow. Many reasons noted by unions for backing Goodnight for reelection is because of his dedication for quality of life issues and retaining and attracting new business to the city of Kokomo. Here are some of the reasons why I support Greg Goodnight:

The City Line & alternative transportation

Before Greg Goodnight was mayor, the city of Kokomo was one of the largest cities in Indiana without a free or low-cost public transportation option. (Source) The city itself has been lacking a mass transit source for over 40 years, and has been relying solely on automotive transportation and within the past 10 years has just begun delving into alternative transportation sources. Under Greg Goodnight’s reign as mayor, the city of Kokomo has seen the birth of the City Line trolley as well as a mile and a half of new multi-use pathways and 5.5 miles of bike lanes within the last year. The city created the Industrial Heritage Trail, a rail-with-trail project that cleaned up an unused railroad line creating a safer place for people to bike as well as beautifying a formerly littered industrial area of the city. In the past year to 2 years, the city essentially created alternative transportation infrastructure, catching Kokomo up to other similarly sized cities that already have these amenities in place.

Downtown Revitalization

In the past 4 years the city has seen some tremendous things happen in downtown Kokomo. For the first time in years, the majority of the downtown area had new pavement at the same time as well as a reduction in sign and street clutter and the introduction of the “bump-out” to the “City of Firsts.” Our downtown hasn’t looked better than it does now. With the creation of the “Riverfront District,” downtown Kokomo has seen an influx of businesses making downtown a more attractive business location. With the removal of 4 one-way streets that often confused drivers and deterred customers, the city is more accessible by all modes of transit.

Business Growth

Under Greg Goodnight, the city has attracted new businesses and the opening of many new stores and restaurants. New businesses includes a $25 Million Delphi expansion, Carney-Echelbarger Machining relocating to Kokomo, Angie Meyer’s Design Studio, Planet Mind Learning Store, Comics Cubed, MC Sports, a relocation of Artworks to downtown, Westwind Wood Specialities and a $5 Million Fed-Ex expansion. Some of the eating establishments include Cook MacDougals, Dunkin Donuts, Chipotle, The Vault, Hibachi Grill, Whisky Creek, Supreme Buffet, and two “Green” Subway’s.

What do you want in a community? Do you want to be able to walk to vibrant business districts? Ride your bike safely, any time of day, to work or for recreation? Greg Goodnight has been a forward-thinking mayor compared to past mayors and the city as a whole has benefited from his guidance. As I illustrated in this post, Greg Goodnight has removed Kokomo from the Forbe’s list of fastest dying towns and became the Community of the Year according to the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. We need to continue that success for the next four years, instead of relying on someone who clearly doesn’t know the demands of running a municipal government like Scott Kern.

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One thing that I do on a regular basis is read planning blogs. It is like reading the newspaper to me. I feel weird if I am not completely up to date on planning issues and how they are solved. I began tossing around the idea of starting my own blog with one of my best friends. My friend is a recent graduate student in English and probably one of the funniest people I know. He helped me with the idea for the title, Kokomotive. The original name was Kokomotion, an obvious play on the name of the city and locomotion. The ending changed from –motion to –motive because I felt that Kokomotion related too much to trains and I wanted to emphasize more on cars. The new name reflects what I think is the source to planning issues in Kokomo, the automobile. Given the history of Kokomo and the vehicles, I found the title to be the only viable option for a planning blog focused in Kokomo, Indiana.

This blog will showcase my perspective on developments within the Kokomo area. I hope you enjoy it.