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Downtown Kokomo – Project Park Bench 2012

This month, artist design benches have shown up within downtown Kokomo. The Kokomo Perspective notes that the artists’ theme was “reinvention” and can be seen in many of the benches and were in accordance with the Kokomo Artisan Experience earlier this month. Some benches deciphered reinvention as the improvement of technology bringing a brighter future, while other benches toted earth-friendly and sustainable methods of reinvention.

The benches will be relocated throughout town in city parks and along multi-use paths such as the Industrial Heritage Trail and the Wildcat Walk of Excellence. The timing and theme is somewhat ironic as Mayor Greg Goodnight had interviews and taping this week with CNN Money’s Poppy Harlow on the resurgence of Kokomo in this rough economy.

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UPDATED: New Mural along the Wildcat Walk of Excellence

Finished Mural (Image: Ross Pierce 10/21/11)

There is a new mural in town along the Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence in downtown Kokomo.

It is located along the Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence near it’s intersection with Union Street. In my opinion, the mural is pretty cool. I like the use of color, and the contrast between the bright colors and the black. Although I’m unsure how I feel about the black wispy tree, or what I assume is a tree that flows behind the Native American’s back. The idea of celebrating Native Americans in the Midwest isn’t anything new, but this mural is nice take of the idea and it celebrates our heritage as a city, after all, we are supposedly named after an indian chief. Its location is on a building in what used to be the Apperson Brothers Automobile Company Buildings, an early car manufacturer.

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An Indianapolis Festival Day

IMA Fountain (Image: Ross Pierce 9/10/11)

This past weekend, I spent some time with some friends going to two festivals in the Indianapolis area. We went to the Penrod Arts Fair at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and later went to experience Greekfest at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Carmel. It ended up being such an awesome day of some good ole-fashioned cultured fun. Picture heavy post after the break: Continue reading

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Opinion Post: Buckeye Street Mural

Mural on Buckeye Street (Image: Ross Pierce 7/5/11)

I want your opinion. I am on the fence about this new mural in downtown Kokomo. The mural took the place of parts of boarded up old windows on a building on Courthouse Square. Continue reading

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Picture Post: Russiaville Interurban Station

may or may not have a friend working at Brenner Design in Indianapolis, which is working on preservation designs of the historic Russiaville Interurban Station. I told my friend that I would post anything sent to me… in a loud bar, so hopefully they realized that I was serious. We caught up recently and spoke about our projects and they put together that Russiaville is close to Kokomo, so we began a pretty long conversation about the design and mentioned that they would send me some of the historic images.

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