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Fishers Nickel Plate District Trail Project

Fishers Trail Project 116th Street (Image: IBJ.com 11/18/11)

Within the past couple weeks, the Fishers Nickel Plate District Trail Project has reappeared on my radar. I first saw the news story when it broke in the Indianapolis Business Journal last year in November. I recently came in contact with it again when I spoke with the person who works for the company responsible for the unique pavement techniques used in the project. Once I saw some of the pictures, I had to take a look myself. Continue reading

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An Indianapolis Festival Day

IMA Fountain (Image: Ross Pierce 9/10/11)

This past weekend, I spent some time with some friends going to two festivals in the Indianapolis area. We went to the Penrod Arts Fair at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and later went to experience Greekfest at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Carmel. It ended up being such an awesome day of some good ole-fashioned cultured fun. Picture heavy post after the break: Continue reading

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Ball State University Immersive Learning Project Part3: Planting Day

On Friday before the planting day, Lisa (our professor) and a student went to the site and placed plants where they needed to be planted as well as removed much of the sod. We left Ball State University around 8:30 am the next day (April 30, 2011) and began planting as soon as we got to the site around 9:40. We had a brief “company meeting” and then we went to our assigned areas to start planting. Many students went to get a tree planting lesson from KIB (Keep Indianapolis Beautiful), and many went straight to planting. I was assigned the contemplative area near the parking lot side of the building, so many of these pictures are from that area of the site.

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Ball State University Immersive Learning Project Part2

Over the past few weeks, the Environmental Planning class has been coming up with ideas for the Indiana Interchurch Center in Indianapolis. The overview of the project can be found here: Ball State University Immersive Learning Project Part1. A few weeks ago, we went to Indianapolis to present our preliminary ideas. The following images are our final presentation boards (Click to get higher resolutions). The overall project at the Indiana Interchurch Center will be multiple phases. Pictured below:

(Image: BSU Environmental Planning Course 2011 Student Work)

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Ball State University Immersive Learning Project Part1

In a class that I’m taking this semester, we are learning about environmental planning. We have spent a good portion of the semester learning about environmentally friendly design features like rainwater planters, impermeable pavements, native vegetation as well as some of the dangers to our natural wildlife. We are using our learned knowledge to construct wildlife habitats on a site in Indianapolis near the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Indiana Interchurch Center (Image: Ross Pierce 03/25/11)

This project is located at the Indiana Interchurch Center (IIC) at 42nd Street and Michigan Road and is in association with the Center for Interfaith Cooperation (CIC), Ball State University, the Indiana Wildlife Federation and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB). The interdisciplinary project involves students from Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Natural Resources and Environmental Management and Architecture departments from students in their second year up to graduate students. Designing and installing a wildlife habitat to be certified by the Indiana Wildlife Federation is the main goal of this project but not limited to creating a master plan for future site development, maintenance and future funding and grant opportunities to continue development of the site. We are receiving native trees and native grasses and wildflowers. Trees coming from KIB in association with the Arbor Day Foundation called “Planting with a Purpose,” and grasses and wildflowers from Spence Restoration Nursery.

“This installation will increase the amount of livable area in the city for our native birds, insects, and mammals, as well as making the highly visible site more beautiful and environmentally sustainable.  The students will be presenting their preliminary site plan design to the IIC and other invited guests on Saturday, April 2nd at 10:00am in the second floor chapel of the IIC.” – Lisa Dunaway ASLA LEED AP

These are some preliminary site images of our site: Indiana Interchurch Center near the intersection of Michigan Avenue and 42nd Street. We are focusing on the entire site. I only took pictures of the street side of the building at this first site visit.

Image Locations (Image: Ross Pierce 03/25/11)

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We are currently looking for additional native plant and mulch donations, and installation equipment to borrow such as shovels and buckets. Please forward this to groups or organizations who would  be interested in donating. If you’d like to donate, please contact Lisa Dunaway via the Urban Planning Office at Ball State University by phone 765-285-1963 or by fax 765-285-2648.

UPDATE: Ball State University Immersive Learning Project Part2

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